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Honey Bare

with Grinded Oats

Honey Bare is a blend of light almond combined with wheat notes, vanilla and musk. Thats right, you'll smell like a cuddly teddy bear. Just right to have that special someone want to snuggle up all night long.

Grinded Oats (Exfoliation) suspended within the soap provide a feeling of clean like never before. 

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experience nude bliss without skipping a beat.

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Naturally Simple

Made with all natural oils, clays, exfoliants and oxides. Our Soaps will make you feel fresh and empowered. NUDE Soap Company handmakes all of our soaps with pride and skill. Cold processed and cured for a period of 4 weeks before they are packaged and sold to our end user. We use additives such as Activated Charcoal, Oats, Poppy Seeds and Kaolin Clay to provide you with cleaner and smoother skin. At NUDE Soap Company, we care about our environment and use nothing but 100% recycled packaging materials made from Kraft Paper products.